The course is designed to support the development of knowledge to support a client with complex needs.


The course is developed from the training package: 


CHCDIS010 - Provide person-centred services to people with disability with complex needs

CHCDIS007 - Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability


This course is divided into two sectors. 


  1. Person-centred approaches to care for client with a disability or complex needs. 


Topics Covered: 

1. Evaluate and prioritise the needs of a person with complex support issues

2. Develop an individualised plan to achieve maximum quality of life. 

3. Coordinate the delivery of the individualised plan. 

4. Coordinate the monitoring, evaluation and review of the individualised plan 



2.      Empowerment of clients with a disability or complex needs


Topics covered: 

1. Demonstrate commitment to empowerment for people with disability

2. Foster human rights

3. Facilitate choice and self-determination 


The course consists of approximately 20 hours of study and assessment, which is comprised of reading, videos and assessments. 


This is a professional development course that is registered with the Australian Counselling Association. 


This course is endorsed by the Australia Counselling Association for 10 points of

professional development.

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