Supporting the connection with families and carers in a therapeutic environment. 

This course aims to support the inclusion of support with the client family members and carers. It explores approaches to provide support for the client from a holistic manner that support the connection with all care networks.

Course / Workshop Outline:

This course is based on the training package: CHCDIS002 Follow Established Person-Centred Behaviour Supports. 

Course content: 

This course is based on the training package: CHCCCS025 Support relationships with carers and families

1.Include carers and family members as part of the support team

1.1 Assess and acknowledge the role and importance of carers and family members for the person

1.2   Work in a manner that recognises and supports carer’s relationship with, and knowledge about, the person with support needs

1.3 Identify the knowledge and skills of the carer that complement the role of the worker

1.4 Involve carers and families in the design and delivery of the person’s support services


2. Assess and respond to changes in the care relationship

2.1 Assess potential risks of change to the care relationship including any potential physical and psychological harm to carers and the person

2.2 Support the person, carer and family to identify and use strategies that maximise positive aspects of change and transition

2.3 Support carers, families and friends to maximise ongoing support and involvement in the life of the person 

3. Monitor and promote carer rights, health and well being

3.1 Respect the confidentiality and privacy of the carer, as well as the person with support needs

3.2 Identify and respond to the need for services required by the carer to support the care relationship with the person

3.3 Identify and respond to issues that may impact on the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of the carer

3.4 Provide carers and families with information about carer support services

Course / Workshop content:

Consists of reading material and online assessments 


This course is endorsed by the Australia Counselling Association for 10 points of

professional development.

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