About Us

Welcome to Ipswich Counselling, We pride ourself on supporting all people at all stages of their life. We are a supportive, client-focused service that believes in the importance of self-empowerment. 


We understand that everyone is living fast pace life so have developed a counselling service that is flexible in it's delivered by offer phone counselling, Telehealth counselling, home-based counselling sessions or session in our home office. 


Meet your counsellor


  • Master's of Counselling (current undertaking)

  • Postgraduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling

  • Bachelors of Applied Social Science (Counselling),

  • Diploma of Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs.

  • Diploma of Hypnotherapy

  • Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner,

My name is Melissa and I am the founder of Ipswich Counselling.  


I am a professional Registered Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association. 


I have over ten years of experience in Counselling, community service and in the mental health sector.


I specialise in individual support that supports the goals and needs of each person.


I am passionate about empowering each person to achieve the life they wish to manifest for themselves.


I utilise evidence-based models in my counselling approach. I believe in the importance of continued education and research to ensure that all support is based on evidence and best practices. 

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